Ask A Lawyer Series: How Do I Hire A Construction Lawyer?

A construction lawyer possesses both transactional and litigation skills to assist clients with contract negotiations and to draft agreements between parties involved in a construction project or to assist in the project financing. They work from the beginning of the project through to  completion. If problems arise, construction lawyers facilitate dispute resolution and/or arbitration. Construction lawyers can work with all aspects of infrastructure from roads to hospitals. Construction lawyers often work in conjunction with real estate lawyers to ensure the construction process runs smoothly.

How do I know if I need a construction lawyer?
Consult a construction lawyer if you: are starting a new project and need to make sure you are following local and federal building regulations; are working in a new state and need to know whether your contract is enforceable; are having a dispute with an employee; need to file a lawsuit or if a lawsuit has been filed against you; are having a payment issue on a project.

What should I expect when working with a construction lawyer?
The outcome of a legal matter varies depending on the complexity of the issues involved. If you are drafting a document or need advice about regulations, your lawyer should give you confidence that your construction business is able to make sound legal decisions and you should be able to understand what is expected of you. The results of lawsuits vary depending on the jurisdiction, parties, and the type of litigation involved. Some can be resolved through mediation, other cases may take years to reach a resolution. There are no guarantees when it comes to litigation but having a construction lawyer and a team of construction experts on your side gives you the benefit of expert knowledge about the laws and court procedures.

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