League of Railway Women


Advising railroad clients to the fullest means more than just knowing the law—Stuart & Branigin attorneys also keep current on the latest developments in the larger transport and logistics industry. That’s why Sarah N. Dimmich recently attended the League of Railway Women’s conference held at the Ferrovalle intermodal terminal in Mexico City. There, leaders in international logistics showcased Ferrovalle’s operations, discussed growth in the railcar production industry, and addressed the Railroad’s interrelationship with the Panama Canal.

Ms. Dimmich focuses her practice on representing railroad and other transportation-sector clients, and also serves as a director at-large for the League of Railway Women, who hosted the conference.

Stuart & Branigin is committed to the defense of its railroad clients. Our attorneys have critical expertise and background in the industry, and our firm has a rich history of representing railroads of all sizes, in Indiana and beyond. Railroads in need of representation are invited to contact Ms. Dimmich or any of the other attorneys in our Railroad and Trucking service group to discuss how Stuart & Branigin can help.


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