Ask a Lawyer Series: When do I need a lawyer?

Often people picture an attorney as someone going to court every day, arguing with judges and lawyers, and making long-winded speeches to sleeping juries. While these images abound in television and movies, they are a far cry from what it is actually like to be an attorney.

So when should you consult an attorney? The answer differs by person and situation. The most important consideration you must determine is what you need. For instance, you may only need an advisor. You do not have to have a lawsuit to talk to an attorney. Many of my firm’s clients retain our services on an as-needed basis for consulting—simply advising them of our thoughts on legal questions as they come up. In some cases, being proactive and seeking out legal advice on a thorny employment or tax question now can save you or your business the hassle (and expense) of a lawsuit or an audit later.

Then again, you may need a guide. For example, an inescapable reality in today’s workforce is the rising number of administrative complaints filed with federal and state agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Traversing these agencies and their rules can be difficult on your own, but an attorney can lead you through the process and help point you down the best avenues to arrive at your goals.

Of course, you may need an advocate. In life, conflict and accidents are inevitable and they create situations where you may need someone to help you fight for what is right or to protect you from baseless claims. Experienced advocates like Stuart & Branigin will work with you to champion your rights and to tailor any strategy to your specific needs and to passionately fight and defend the same.

So when should you consult an attorney? While there is no universal answer for everyone, the best answer to the first consideration is: You need an attorney whenever you need an advisor, a guide, or an advocate. And not just when you need those specific roles—attorneys serve as counselors, volunteers, cheerleaders, mentors, coaches, and teammates (to name a few). Only you can determine what you need, but consulting professional, experienced attorneys like Stuart & Branigin can help you identify your needs and help you determine your best path forward.

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